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FreSpyrit Dolls Journey Begins...

Updated: Oct 1, 2021

Stay connected with us and learn about our journey to explore and experience this human existence. We're just as curious to see how much we can accomplish, stars we can reach, explorations we can find tickles, giggles, and smiles!

Our very first post!

This post is going to be short and sweet! My daughter I decided to launch something dear to our hearts in the form of cloth, textile, Linen 3d dolls... FreSpyrit Dolls are being creatively designed, with every inch being thought out to make sure we do our best to give the little girl, dainty girl, or young lady close to what she's been missing from her other dolls! There we said it! Lol!

The Adventure begins...

There are steps that must be taken to pull something like this off! We're young entrepreneurs at heart and excited to have a FreSpyrit Dolls in the hands of their new owners. This means we have to get most tasks and projects within our control, off to good start when it comes to design, development and full production.

We hope to find the time to share our milestones with you over the next few months. We hope to launch in time for Christmas 2021. Send good energy our way for a positive release... yay FreSpyrit Dolls!!

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