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For Play or Collecting?

FreSpyrit Dolls are for play and collecting! It's totally up to you or the person that you're gifting these beautiful dolls to!

Super Cool to Play in Her Hair...

We designed FreSpyrit dolls so girls (and boys) can feel confident when redressing them in new threads or combing their hair into a new style. Her hair is real human hair that you can roller set, apply heat with curlers or flat irons, or the coolest part is changing her hair into a new wig altogether!

A Wonderful Collector's Doll...

She's a beauty to add to any doll collection. FreSpyrit Dolls come in four different shades of color - dark chocolate, chestnut, ginger, and tapioca pudding (lol)! She's easy to keep clean and showcase ready!

So, you decide if you want her for play-play or strictly for a cute forever shelf life!

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