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Making it Make Sense

It's no secret, mainstream and popular dolls have a particular audience in which they cater. FreSpyrit Dolls came to an idea and existence to award the audience looking for urban, distinctiveness in facial expressions, body shape, skin tone and hair texture!

Let's face it... everyone is entitled to play with a doll that resonates with them. With that, we have a choice to make play time with dolls enriching by giving our mini me's an opportunity to choose from a diverse group of dolls that look and represent their free spirit!

We've seen some really cute dolls of color, including dolls shaped just like us as kids, our moms, and aunts - but either, they were not created for sale or they were designed for show on social media. It was a weird research experience before branching out and pursuing our own passion! We just couldn't find a doll that we wish we had growing up and let alone still can't find on the shelves for sale.

FreSpyrit Dolls has a cloth curvy sculpted body, offered in different complexions and hair colors and textures. We may not be for everybody, but we know for sure we're for somebody! And, we're happy about that idea.

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